About Dutch Oven Den Catering

The Hoover Family Tradition

Over the past 30 years we have developed a great love for Dutch Oven Cooking and would enjoy the opportunity to share our talents with you. Many times on rafting trips or family reunions, while everyone was enjoying their mouth watering, hearty meals, the question was asked "Why not open a catering business and do this as a living?" Their answer was always "That would take all the fun out of it!" Well, after much thought, we decided that a Dutch Oven cooking business would be a lot of fun after all, and are pleased to be sharing this tradition with you.

We Can Cater Your Event Anywhere!

Now you too can experience the mouth watering adventure of these simple out door pleasures! Using a camp style Dutch Oven and charcoal briquets we have unlimited capabilities to create some of the "Tastiest Vittles This Side of Heaven." Get a glimpse of how the early pioneers and old prospectors enjoyed the delicious aroma and savory flavor that came from the magic of Dutch Oven Cooking.

Dutch Oven has always been and continues to be the very best! We know you will enjoy the delicious pleasure of Old Time Dutch Oven Cooking. (208) 869-1679

Hoover Family

Wayne and Sandy Hoover